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Conference for foreign citizens

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Conference for foreign citizens
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ПослугаConference for foreign citizens
+380 (68) 112-56-11
+380 (68) 112-56-11

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    Currently, there are more than 300 thousand foreign citizens living in the territory of Ukraine, some of them came here to get education degree.

    Unfortunately, the majority of these people faces many problems and gets into different conflict situations for the reason of not knowing their rights and responsibilities as well as not knowing the existing legislation.

    Quite often foreign citizens may become the victims of a corrupt internal affairs system or any sort of visa problems may arise. In either case the best way to assert your rights is to turn to the expert in this sphere, namely to the competent lawyer. He or she will not only help in solving the current situation but will also defend the rights of a foreigner in the territory of Ukraine.

    However, not always making resort to lawyers’ help after a legal case has taken place can improve the situation. For this reason we offer you to participate in a conference on the main reasons of different emergencies and conflicts occurring to foreigners in Ukraine, and the ways of their resolution. You will learn more about your rights and will be able to assert them in life if needed.

    After the lecture part you will have an opportunity to ask a professional lawyer all the questions on the issue, he will give the most clear and definite answers, and if necessary, tell you about the possible actions and their consequences in the situation that have happened.

    At the conference the following issues will be considered:

  • Ways and rules of entry to Ukraine;
  • Rights and responsibilities of foreign citizens in Ukraine;
  • Registration at the Migration Office;
  • Legal aspects of communication with the representatives of the law-enforcement bodies, migration offices and the other bodies of the state power;
  • Algorithm of actions and defensive methods in case of violation of your rights and the ways how to restore them;
  • Legal effect of the transgression within the territory of Ukraine;
  • Peculiarities of making deals and contracts with foreign citizens (by the example of rent, sale and another contracts);
  • Rights of foreigners in realization of any kind of money transfers.

    Awareness of such information will considerably facilitate and indemnity your residence time Ukraine.

    The conference will be moderated by a leader in his profession, a highly qualified lawyer with over than ten years service experience – Pavlo Lyska.

    If you are interested in taking part in it, please contact us by the following contact information stated below.

    A firm date and price of the conference will be specified. We will see that you’re informed on any changes in our schedule.

    If you have any other questions considering this event, please contact us. We will answer all of your questions as soon as possible.

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